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Membership Fiscal Year

January 1st


Getting Involved

There are several ways in which you can actively participate in the organization.  Run for a seat on the Board, serve on a committee, host a monthly meeting at your course, write an article for the newsletter, suggest topics for education, attend the monthly meetings and voice your opinion.

Address Changes

Please keep the office informed of any changes you make:  New job, new address, new phone, etc.  We want to make sure you continue to receive all correspondence from us in a timely manner


You will receive a bimonthly newsletter full of information on what’s happening in our area.  We encourage all members to submit ideas and/or articles to the newsletter.


GCSACC offers scholarships to qualified applicants attending a certified turfgrass program at least part time.  Applications can be obtained at any time from the scholarship chairmen or the association office.  The deadline and all pertinent information will be on the application itself.  Announcement of winners is made each year at the annual Al Glaze Memorial Scholarship Tournament held in June.

The association also offers Legacy Scholarships to qualified family members.  Please contact the association office for details and for applications.

Job Notices

GCSACC provides a service to clubs and companies wishing to announce positions open.  The positions will be posted on the website and on the California GCSA website.  At special request they can be eblasted to the membership.

Equipment for Sale

Golf course equipment may be offered for sale in the newsletter.  The association makes no representation regarding equipment.


Please be sure to return the appropriate forms and or documentation when you send money to the Association office.  These include membership renewal forms, membership applications, meeting registration forms, tournament registration forms, etc.

Accounts Receivable

In order to assure the Association does not have to carry receivables for extended periods, there will be a  90-day limit on outstanding receivables.  All balances more than 30 days will receive a late fee of $20.00.  If a meeting fee, advertising placement, sponsorship or any other fee is outstanding for more than 90 days, the member whose account is in arrears will be required to clear this fee up prior to being able to attend another meeting.  Any monies owed to the Association at the time of renewal must be paid in order for a member’s renewal to be completed.


If you are not already a member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, we recommend that you consider joining.  The benefits are significant and we feel every superintendent will benefit his/her career by joining GCSAA.  As of July 1, 1997, GCSACC requires dual membership for all Class A and Class B Superintendents.


GCSACC membership is non transferable.  All memberships are personal individual memberships.  Anyone attending meetings who is not listed as a current member of GCSACC will be required to pay guest fees and needs to be accompanied by a GCSACC member.

Membership Directory

GCSACC does not publishes a directory of the Association membership.  Members have the choice to receive a printed copy of the directory or a digital copy at their request.  This website does provide a link to our online database.  This information is private and password protected.

Membership Card

Membership card are issued only if they are requested.  The card identifies you as a member of the Central California Chapter.  It is a the policy of GCSACC that all new members are subject to a thirty-day waiting period after application for membership to the association before a card will be issued.  The Association encourages active participation of all new members.


The membership classifications are listed in the bylaws.  If you feel your classification should be changed, please contact the office for a new application.  Reclassifications require a new application and there is no fee or charge.

Membership Renewals

Renewal notices are sent out around the 15th of December each year.  Renewals are due by January 1st.  Renewals received  March 31st will be automatically rescended.  Applications are required to reinstate membership.  Payment of initiation fees is required to reinstate after March 31st.  Any outstanding bills will be billed with your renewal, and must be paid with your renewal fees in order to complete your renewal.


If you wish to renew your membership, but it is nearing the delinquency date and your club or company has not yet paid your dues, we strongly urge you to write a personal check to cover the amount.

Directory Updates

Each year you will receive a form containing information on you addresses, phone numbers, work,  status with the Association, etc.  You must return this form immediately as this information is used to update the database to print the directory.


Voting rights are limited to Class A, B, and Affiliate members, as well as former Class A & B members who are now retired.  Honorary members, student members, and educators do not vote.  All other rights of the Association apply to these classes.

Absentee Ballots:  When you cannot attend at a meeting at which an important vote will take place, you may vote by absentee ballot. Absentee ballots must be submitted on original, official ballot forms and may be exercised on votes on amendments to Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and elections of officers and directors, only.

Officers and Board of Directors

The officers of the association are President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.  There are six directors serving a two-year term.  The immediate Past President serves for an additional year as a member of the board.  There are two Affiliate liaisons to the board of directors serving two year terms.  Annual elections are held in September to elect all officers and the directors running for the open board positions.  The commercial liaison position is voted into office by the affiliate members of the association.

Commercial Liaison

Each year one commercial member is elected by the commercial members to a two year term and is responsible for providing the Board with insight on the needs and concerns of the Affiliate members.  The commercial liaison is responsible for the monthly educational seminars in addition to apppointed committee positions.


Generally, the meeting agenda includes a period during registration at which you can meet and socialize with colleagues in the industry.  The meeting starts with a general business meeting to update you on the status of the different committees in the organization (these are listed on our web site, along with the name of chairperson), the association finances, and a forum to voice your opinions or ideas.  This is followed by an education session that runs for approximately an hour.  Education covers a myriad of topics from environment to water management, and much more.  Much can be gained by attending the meetings and keeping on top of the issues that affect us all.

The meeting will also include lunch and a golf tournament for those members that wish to play.  Golf is not mandatory, however you must attend the program in order to play golf.  Your meeting fee covers the cost of lunch, golf, and administrative costs directly related to the meeting.  As we are generally at country clubs, the price we are charged for food will vary.  The cost of each meeting will be disclosed in the monthly newsletter and on the meeting invitation.

Reservations Policy – A registration notice is sent to the membership approximately three weeks before each  meeting.  It will tell you where the meeting is, the educational topic, the agenda, and the cost and whether there will be a golf tournament.  Registration for the meeting begins with the return of your meeting reservation form and appropriate monies.  We establish a cut-off date or registration deadline as a courtesy to the host superintendent to give his staff time to prepare for the meeting.  In addition, we are required to “guarantee” a certain number of meals and golf.  We pay for this guaranteed number regardless of how many show up.  You will be responsible for reservations if cancellations are not received by the cancellation date noted on the meeting notice.

Telephone Reservations – Although we prefer that you register on line, we accept mail or fax your registrations in advance of the meeting, we understand that some times due to time limitations it is difficult to get a check cut from your club in time.  We will, therefore, accept telephone or fax reservations.  However, the same cancellation policy applies to telephone reservations.  You are responsible for the cost of the meeting whether attended or not.

Cancellation Policy – If you have made reservations for an upcoming meeting and cannot attend, please call and cancel by the cancellation date noted in the newsletter.  Your fees will be refunded in full if you cancel by the appropriate date.  Anyone not cancelling their registration forfeits their entire fee.

Courtesy – As guests of the host club, it is very important that players show care and respect for the golf course.  This includes raking bunkers, fixing ball marks, replacing devots and observing golf cart rules.  Additionally, players are asked to wear appropriate attire.  If there are specific dress codes at any club, we will notify you in the newsletter.

Registration – On the day of the meeting, a registration table is set up for check-in.  Please check in at the registration table FIRST.  In order to get an accurate count for the club, we must know how many attend.  Don’t assume that because you mailed your reservation, you don’t need to check in.  You must check in with the Golf Chairman at the time of your registration  in order to play in the tournament.  After that time, we will make every effort to get you on the course, but we cannot guarantee that you will be included in the tournament.

If you wish to play in a particular twosome or foursome, please be sure to include that information on your reservation form.  Sometimes, because of the tournament format, we will not be able to accommodate your request, however we will do so whenever it is possible.

Meeting Attire – Appropriate attire is requested for all meetings.  As we are the guest of the club that is hosting the meeting, it is important for us to display a professional, courteous image.  Therefore, the Association requests that you do NOT wear cut-offs or jeans, tank tops or flip-flop sandals.  The most appropriate attire is a collared shirt (golf shirt) and slacks or bermuda shorts.  If there are special requirements for dress at any of the clubs that we attend, you will be notified in the newsletter.

Etiquette – There should be no talking during the general meeting and especially the educational portion of the meeting.  Again, we want to portray a professional image and the utmost courtesy of those persons who are sharing their expertise with us.  If you feel you need to conduct business or socialize, please leave the room so as not to disrupt the speaker or those who wish to participate in the education.

Guests – You may bring one guest to our regular monthly meeting.  Members are often encouraged to bring additional guest.  If the meeting denies additional guests, we will provide that information in the newsletter.  Any members registering a guest for a monthly meeting is responsible for that guest’s full meeting registration if the guest does not show and fails to cancel in advance. Please be sure your guests will be attending the meeting to avoid any unnecessary costs.

Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities

Scholarship Tournament

  • Tee Sponsor:  This includes your business name listed as a contributor in the newsletter and posted at the tournament registration table, and a sign at the specified tee.
  •  Beverage Cart Sponsor:  This includes your business name listed as a contributor in the newsletter and posted at the tournament registration table, and a banner on the cart or at the beverage station.  All banners are the responsibility of the sponsor and must be approved by the tournament committee.

December Annual Christmas Party

Includes your business name listed as a contributor in the newsletter and on a sign at the party.

Monthly Meeting Sponsorship

Includes your business being recognized as the sole sponsor of a regular meeting with the following opportunities:

  • Newsletter profile
  • Recognition at the event
  • The right to distribute promotion material at the event.

Joint Meeting Sponsorship

  • Includes your business being recognized as the sole sponsor of the Joint meeting with the Sierra Nevada chapter with the following opportunities;
  • Newsletter profile
  • Recognition at the event
  • The right to distribute promotion material at the event.

Half Page Ad

 Includes a half page ad in the six issues of the “TeeOff News” (Text to be  provided in a camera ready format).

Quarter Page Ad

Includes a quarter page ad in the six issues of “TeeOff News” (Text to be provided in a camera ready format).

Business Card Size Ad

Includes a business card size ad in the six issues of “TeeOff News”  Card provided in a camera ready format preferred.


Includes a 8.5” x 11” ad in one issue of “TeeOff News” (Inserts are shipped FOB directly to the associaton office.

 Web Site

Includes a list on the front page of the web site.

 Write an article for the newsletter.

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